About IPA

A brief history of the association
The IPA is a non-profit, worldwide organization of friendship The membership consists of serving and retired police officers and civilian staffs. Our organization is not connected with or influenced by any union, police or governmental agency or any outside interests. The association promotes global and cultural friendship among peace officers. Since this is an international organization, one of the major advantages relates to travel. The emphasis of the organization is friendship. There is an annual national, and an annual international convention or conference.

The International Police Association was formed in January 1, 1950. A police officer of Lincolnshire, England, Sergeant Arthur Troop, wanted to create a channel for friendship and international co-operation among police officers. His notion of an Association with development of social, cultural and professional links among its members, in an environment free from discrimination of rank, sex, race, color, language or religion, became a reality, to promote friendship among Police Officers (Nationally and Internationally) on a proper organized basis..

The Japan Section was formed on April 10th 1962 in Japan totaling 35 members and the Section was officially recognized in Geneva Switzerland at the IEC on May 1962. The Japan Section now has 5 Branches totaling approximately 350 members..

The Esperanto Motto of the Association is SERVO PER AMIKECO which means “SERVICE THROUGH FRIENDSHIP”

All members serve in their spare time and receive no compensation of any kind to do so.

All members are encouraged to host visitors in their homes, and to act as tour guides to visitors to Japan.

April 1962 At Kagawa Police
The Beginning of IPA Japan Section

IPA 加盟証明書(複製)
Diploma of Recognition by IPA, May 1962 at Geneva Switzerland