On November 7, 2020, from 8:00 pm, Mr. Sakai Webmaster served as the moderator and held a remote meeting for the Executive Board Members of the Section Japan under the direction of President Mr. Kanetaka. We used to hold the Board Meeting only in person, because Japan isn’t too big for the members to get together in one place. However, we had decided to try also a new style-meeting to avoid the influence of Covid-19’s spread.

All the Board Members participated. The photo below shows on the top row, from the right, President Mr. Kanetaka, Webmaster Mr. Sakai(from Hokkaido), Treasurer Mr. Inagaki, on the 2nd row, from the right, Travel Secretary Mr. Suzuki ,Vice President Mr. Igarashi, Honorary Chairman Mr. Nakamura, on the 3rd row, from the right, Secretary General Mr. Warigaya, Public Relations Secretary Mr. Takiguchi, Secretary for Women and Young Members Affairs Ms. Takenaka(from Oosaka), and on the bottom row, right, Project and Operation Secretary Mr. Nishino(from Oosaka), left, Chief of East Region Japan Mr. Kuboki.

This remote meeting was held for the first time in our section.

I was little bit worried that all the secretaries would be able to attend this meeting, but in the preliminary test offered by the webmaster, all the participants were connected, so at 20:00 hours, President Kanetaka called each one and started.

The meeting lasted about 50 minutes, each secretary freely spoke ,as if we had been physically in the same room, on the proposed agenda and important matters were decided

like an amendment of the annual membership fee for those working overseas, of reimbursement to travel expense for the official meetings. etc.

I felt a little more frustrating than a face-to-face meeting, but we were agreed to hold a remote meeting as needed in future because we’ve got to know this type of meeting can be done efficiently.

Display of remote meeting

on 7th Nov. 2020